Employment Practices Experts

Welcome to DeDe Church & Associates, LLC, a team of experts committed to improving your workplace through training, investigations of complaints, executive coaching, climate surveys, affirmative action plans, and Title IX guidance.

We will focus on your organization's specific circumstances and unique culture to create a targeted plan that resonates with your employees. Contact us for a personalized assessment addressing your employee relations concerns. Our in-house translator will assist with projects involving Spanish-speaking employees.

Our Services Include

Training Workshops ›

Our dynamic, interactive, and memorable workshops are designed specifically for your environment and culture. We are experienced trainers who will never teach a workshop that we ourselves would not want to sit through.

Executive Training ›

Our formula for individualized counseling works -- just ask our clients. We create a one-on-one opportunity that ultimately makes executive and management-level employees excited about trying new scripts and approaches, whether they need to improve their management awareness, interpersonal skills, communication style, and/or professional behavior in the workplace.

Investigations ›

Investigations of employee complaints are very tricky. Our investigators rely on decades of experience to avoid mistakes and to gain the accurate information that you need to make solid decisions. Our methods are thorough, accurate, and consistent. We work quickly and discreetly, ensuring confidentiality throughout the process. We know how to listen, ask the right questions, analyze the information we gather, and draft a report that will withstand later scrutiny.

Cultural Assesment & Facilitation ›

Clients facing challenges such as low morale or high turnover often rely on our climate survey data to guide their decisions as they set out to right their ships. Our experts incorporate trust-building interviews and a solicitation of suggestions for internal change to decipher the real hurdles and their causes.

Expert Testimony ›

Our professionals are former litigators who are comfortable in the courtroom and understand how to draft a credible expert report and address a jury constructively. Our credentials are solid and will withstand Daubert challenges.

Affirmative Action Plans & OFCCP Audit Assistance ›

Our expert literally drafted the procedures currently used by OFCCP auditors. Under her guidance and with her unmatched experience, we develop submissions that are strategically designed to minimize the likelihood of additional information requests and to avoid a lengthy OFCCP audit and costly follow-up.


We have offices in Austin, Houston and Dallas, Texas. We routinely travel across the nation to assist our clients, and can accommodate Spanish speakers. We appreciate the business we receive, and we give back by donating 3% of each invoice to reputable charities.

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