Executive Training and Coaching

We provide effective, individualized coaching and counseling in a one-on-one setting for executive and management-level employees who need to improve their self-awareness, interpersonal skills, communication style, and/or professional behavior in the workplace. These private sessions are led by an approachable coach and are undertaken as educational, not punitive. We use a multitude of current approaches from relevant sources to spell out the risks of the current behavior as well as the bottom-line benefits of changing. Participants explore old behaviors, scripts, and habits and are then motivated to learn and incorporate new approaches. We offer practical tools, opportunities to “practice,” and a way to measure progress.

At the conclusion of the training, each client receives a letter documenting the topics covered, the trainee’s level of responsiveness, and when appropriate, the trainee’s commitment to improved behavior in the future.

Sessions can be conducted in a one-time setting or completed over a period of weeks or months with homework and reading exercises assigned between sessions.