Affirmative Action Plans & OFCCP Audit Assistance

Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs), Audits, Training, & Mini or mock audit services

Affirmative Action Plans (AAPs)

We prepare affirmative action plans by using specific client data, developing carefully-selected job groups and using the appropriate census codes in order to assist your company to be compliant with the regulations enforced by the OFCCP. The data is carefully reviewed by a former OFCCP auditor in order to identify any errors and problem areas, something not offered by many other companies. The client is kept fully informed of the process and the information in the plan so that the client feels comfortable and knowledgeable of the OFCCP requirements.


Our team is led by Lisa Kaiser, the former Director of Operations for the OFCCP’s Southwest and Rocky Mountain Region who was responsible for directing the enforcement effort of the District Offices in the eleven-state region. Her experience and understanding of the OFCCP is invaluable for our clients facing an OFCCP audit. Working closely together, we develop submissions that are strategically designed to minimize the likelihood of additional information requests, and to avoid a lengthy OFCCP audit and costly follow-up.

Mini or mock audit services

We identify problem areas either in a specific area where violations are often found (such as hiring or compensation) or to ensure compliance throughout the entire workforce. After gaining an understanding of overall organizational operations and specific needs, we help clients conform with the challenging record keeping and applicant tracking obligations under the OFCCP’s Internet Applicant definition. At the same time, we understand the realities of recruiting, and we develop creative ways for clients to hire applicants in a manner that works best for them yet also complies with the regulations.


We design and deliver intensive training programs with practical information for managers, supervisors and human resource professionals on any of the OFCCP enforcement actions, affirmative action, EEO, and workforce diversity.